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Strawberry is the first fruit that ripens in spring, and it’s interesting to note that only 10 lyophilized products provide recommended daily intake of vitamin C for children.

Strawberries made from the most modern technological process, lyophilization, provide 321 calories in 100g, contain folic acid, which, together with vitamin C, antioxidants and dietary fibres lowers the risk of cancer, especially colon and lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and reduces cholesterol.

It is proven that the benefits of vitamin C from lyophilized strawberry are greater than the ones provided by supplements. SUCH LYOPHILIZED STRAWBERRY IS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND!!!

The product is 100% natural

Strawberry keeps all the nutrients and most of beneficial enzymes and vitamins upon lyophilization. Also, it keeps the shape, the colour, the scent and the taste, and it goes back to its original state after being exposed to water.

It can be consumed without prior preparation, as an addition to cakes, chocolate, ice cream… It suits all age groups, health conditions and illnesses.

Because of the vitamin C, it is especially recommended to children, but also to pregnant women, for diets and prevention and treatment of many illnesses.