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Raspberry is famous for its name RED GOLD, which is justified by its nutritional and medicinal properties. To prevent malignancy, experts recommend taking 130g fresh, i.e. 25g LYOPHILIZED RASPBERRY daily. You need ONE BAG OF OUR RASPBERRY A DAY as one of the most powerful antioxidants to prevent tumors. Traditional medicine recommends raspberries for their bile cleaning property, acceleration of kidney stone passing, boost of immunity and heart, improvement of blood test results, regulation of insulin, therefore stabilisation of the glucose level. Raspberry made from the most modern technological process, lyophilization, keeps the shape, the colour, the scent and the taste, and it goes back to its original state after being exposed to water with the minimal loss of all nutrients and maximum retention of vitamins and enzymes. SUCH LYOPHILIZED RASPBERRY IS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND!!!

The product is 100% natural

Lyophilized raspberry is especiall rich in vitamin C, and it also contains vitamins A and B. Lyophilized raspberries are low in calories. 100g of this lyophilized fruit contains only 360 calories. Apart from that, raspberries contain ketones which stimulate the fat metabolism, thus preventing fat accumulation. Some weight loss products contain ketones from lyophilized raspberries. It suits all age groups and health conditions. It is recommended to children, pregnant women, people with diabetes, in the prevention of malignant diseases, treatment of liver, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases… It is irreplacable in any diet. It can be consumed without prior preparation, as an addition to cakes, pastries, chocolate.