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About us

PVP – Centre for Lyophilization in cooperation with ELBI LLC Valjevo produces lyophilizers and lyophilizes different kinds of groceries (fruit, vegetables, milk, dairy products and meat).

We offer: lyophilized fruit, lyophilized goat milk, goat cheese and whey.

Our lyophilizers work on the principle of OHM Energy Saving and use 40% less electrical energy compared to other well-known solutions.

Our goal is to make this Centre an Institute for Lyophilization in 5 years and to be the first research centre for this technology in Europe.

What is lyophilization?

Lyophilization is the newest and the most modern technology of a low temperature drying process, from deep freezing to +40oC. It is the process in which ice turns into water vapour.

The most important part is that the temperature does not exceed 40oC, which is the method of preserving vitamins and enzymes essential to the human body, while the other methods of drying destroy them. The shape, the colour and the scent do not change.

The food dried in such manner can have a long shelf life provided that is kept in adequate conditions –in room temperature, hermetically sealed (so that the product cannot pick up moisture from air).

This technology was first used by NASA for their astronauts, because the products are easily digested and have a long shelf life. Nowadays, they are used by army, sailors, seafarers, and thus the conventional use started quickly.

There are no additives whatsoever and the product is 100% natural. It is light, practical, and it can be used as a travel snack.

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