lyocake mlecni keks

Goat cheese in a piece

Lyophilized goat cheese is made from the most modern technological process – lyophilization of goat cheese obtained in the traditional way.

It can be used as a piece of cheese or ground cheese.

It is used directly, without prior preparation or as an addition to dishes and salads. This delicacy has numerous medicinal properties, is easily digested, has fewer calories and fat than cow cheese, so it is especially recommended to pregnant women, athletes and people exposed to great physical activites.

Goat cheese proteins are well absorbed and directly supply the muscles with energy and amino acids, thanks to which they provide fast muscle recovery after training.

The product is 100% natural

It is adequate as a substitute for meat, and pediatricians recommend it in children’s diets, due to its high content of minerals which are important in the formation of the skeletal system. It helps with the high blood pressure problems, liver diseases and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.